Reduce Anxiety

It is entirely natural to have some feelings of anxiety or stress at critical points in our lives. However, when we feel anxious or stressed most of the time, this is not natural and it is time to seek help.

Anxiety is caused by negative thinking. It is not the events in our lives that necessarily causes the perception of crisis but the thought patterns surrounding the events in our lives.

Every negative thought that we have is converted into anxiety. We can create anxiety by negatively forecasting the future or negatively introspecting about the past. Unfortunately we have great difficulty in telling the difference between patterns caused by imagination and patterns caused by reality.

The negative thoughts this generates are accumulated and stored as what we can think of as a “stress bucket”. When the “bucket”is full, we can get into the grip of a vicious circle generating more and more negative thoughts.

Hypnotherapy can help reduce anxiety and start to empty the “bucket”. When this happens, sleep improves, motivation, confidence and self esteem are restored.